What is Village?

Village is a membership based primary care community. Unlike traditional insurance companies (we are not an insurance company), our members contribute a monthly fee to belong to a wellness clinic which provides unlimited same day clinic visits and no co-pays on most lab work and prescriptions. Providers work with you by not only treating your symptoms, but also by creating a holistic wellness plan for better overall health.

Is this like concierge medicine?

In a sense, yes. Think of it as an everyday person's high-level concierge clinic. By only seeing Village members and their families in our clinics, we are able to drastically increase the amount of time providers spend with their patients. Unlike traditional concierge care, our mission is to expand access to primary care for all people, at a price they know and can afford.

Will you accept my pre-existing condition?

Yes. We not only accept, but encourage patients and their loved ones with chronic diseases to join our network.

What labs and prescriptions are covered?

Please see our covered medications and lab pricing documents for all lab work and prescriptions that are covered under your membership. For those labs and prescriptions not covered under our formulary, your personal concierge health consultant will work to procure that item at wholesale pricing direct from the manufacturer.

How does the Telemedicine option work?

At Village, we offer 24/7 access to a doctor! By electing the telemedicine add-on to a membership, patients are able to access a primary care provider for their needs via a secure, web-based platform. This allows patients who may not have time to visit their local clinic immediate access to the care they need.

On average, how much could Village save me per month?

Members will save an average of 40% on monthly out-of-pocket expenses. Use our savings calculator to see your estimated savings.

Ok, I really like the sound of this. Now what does it cost?

Individual Memberships are $49 per month. Family Memberships are $69 per month and cover you, your spouse, and all dependents. No contracts. Just a simple one-time $10 joining fee.

Can I buy this product for my employees or can I encourage my employer to cover some of the cost?

At Village, we want to provide a cost-effective way for small businesses to invest in the health of their workforce. We will work with each unique case to find the payment and billing arrangement that works best for your situation.