Welcome to the Village.
A Better Way to Wellness.

We're making healthcare easy and affordable for you and your neighbors.

No co-pays on
your visit.

Our goal is same day visits and an out-the-door time of no more than 30 minutes.

No co-pays on
basic lab work.

Click here for a complete list of basic lab work that is covered under your membership.

No co-pays on
85+ front-line medications.

Click here for a complete list of medications that are covered under your membership.

Service on the go.
Telemedicine = Convenience.

Our telemedicine service add-on brings wellness care right to your personal device.

Are you a Villager?

Do you believe the current healthcare system is inefficient and doesn't put the needs of the patient first?

Do you believe that the costs of the services and medicines you need are unpredictable and often too expensive? And no one can seem to explain why.

Do you believe that sitting hours in a waiting room full of sick people isn't okay?

Do you believe that the precious dollars spent on exorbitant insurance premiums would better be used elsewhere on the immediate needs of yourself and your family?

And lastly, do you believe that a healthcare company should do just that — care about your health, speak honestly and focus on a holistic wellness-centered approach to care?

Then welcome to the Village.